Michael Jackson announces comeback; web site gets 16.000 hits per second

After he announced a streak of comeback shows it seems the whole world has gone into a huge frenzy to get tickets; and they’re not even on pre-sale yet (they’ll be on March 11). I can only imagine how it will be on Wednesday morning. Or, can I??

I mean c’mon, massive massive traffic was expected of course, but this just seems to much. I mean 16.000 hits per second, just do the math, that’s more than 50 million in under an hour. I mean really, what the fuck??

A spokesperson for AEG Live told the Telegraph:

“The site is receiving 16,000 requests per second, so demand is extremely high, phenomenal is an understatement.”

Yeah, I’ll say; and you can also buy tickets by sending the ‘MJ’ text to 81707. Also, if you want to further bombard the site, here it is: michaeljacksonlive.com. It’s not like you’re actually going to manage to get something from there.

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