Microsoft Songsmith: cool software, lameass ad!


Songsmith“Everyone has a song inside…” is the tagline for Microsoft’s latest experimental software, Songsmith, a piece of elevated software that can create instant negatives of songs that goes well with your voice and personal settings. You can easily make songs just with a microphone and a PC, but don’t expect the labels barging in or high quality. It’s just for laughs and play.

Sounds pretty neat and fun, but their marketing people are total idiots. I mean how could someone pay for such an ad? I’m feeling like I’m watching one of those late, lameass ’50s ads advertising household stuff, and there’s this perfect mom-dad-9-to-5-2kids family just ecstatic that their new washing machine does wonders. Yeeeesh!

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  • Singing Auditions

    Its a great software,Now personal voice recording is very simple.

    Thanks for posting.

  • The Songnumbers Team

    We really liked your blog and this info on the ad-supported model…we believe in it enough to have just pushed out BETA 2 of our site!

    The Songnumbers Team