Yeah Yeah Yeahs preping new record

Yeah Yeah Yeah
The latest news post from the [tag]Yeah Yeah Yeahs[/tag]’ brand new, shiny, website reads  “HAPPPYYY FREAKIN NEW YYYEAR,” in the titled and we can’t help but wonder wtf? I mean new year’s been 2 and a half weeks ago, but I guess the fact the band’s been a bit in isolation, recording and writing their new album, does both excuse themselves for the late greeting and deeply makes us happy. Who doesn’t love new music?

“We have a wet and wild feeling about 2008 and we’re not kidding.  YYYs are currently writing and recording another record. A chunk of December was spent on a musical farm in Mass throwing cow dung at each other, making music makes us do strange things”

Their last album, Show Your Bones, was a great garage rocker and last year’s Is Is proved to be a great appetizer for this, still in the works, forthcoming YYYs record. Interesting to see how it shapes up, until then read the rest of the post, to find out more about the band’s members past holiday endevours and wacky side projects.

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