My Morning Jacket to guest for American Dad


If The Simpsons managed to land a Coldplay guest spot for their forthcoming 20th anniversary episode, there’s no reason another satirical TV show can’t have a top band guesting. Seth MacFarlane’s American Dad is going all indie on the show’s November 22nd episode,which will be all My Morning Jacket-centric. The episode is even titled “My Morning Straitjacket”. For the fans, here’s a quick synopsis:  Stan Smith (the main character) becomes obsessed with the band My Morning Jacket (guest-voicing as themselves) and decides to become a groupie. Co-creator Mike Barker tells FILTER the story of how it all came together below:

How’d this collaboration come about? Who seduced who?
“Who seduced who?” That makes it sound like this game is already over. Look, this isn’t over until halfway through a live performance of Steam Engine, Jim reaches into the audience and pulls me up on stage like I’m a pre-cougar Courtney Cox. But if I might be professional for a moment, the word “seduction” implies that there has been some sort of manipulation on either my part or the band’s, when in fact, it’s the two art forms themselves – Writing and Music, that sought each other out. In the end, we are all just instruments of the Goddess of Art. I’m not sure who that is, but in my head she looks exactly like Scarlett Johanssen.


What makes My Morning Jacket a good fit for American Dad?
The best band in the world appearing on the 59th top-rated show on television? It’s a no-brainer.


If Kiss is the semi-official Family Guy band, does that mean My Morning Jacket is the semi-official American Dad band?
Hell, let’s just make them the official band.


Photos courtesy of Stewie’s Playground.

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