Singers enjoy singing about drugs and sex! Go figure….


To let you in on what this is about, you have to know that according to a study conducted by some very important and serios medical researchers, 33% of popular songs contain explicit content and 42% of songs hint at substance abuse. Aw man, this was obvious for everybody! If even Kylie hints at drug abuse, where’s this world going to? (From her song called Red blooded woman: “You’ll never get to Heaven, if your scared of getting high”).As the study goes to show, rap had the highest offense ratio with 77% of songs making reference to drugs or sex. This shouldn’t surprise nobody; but what should surprise you, is the runner up. Take a guess! If you guessed country, well, you’re right! Country music has a 36% explicit content rate. Another surprise is the fact that only 14% of rock songs contain offending lyrics. Where’d “Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” go? Those were the days.

These conclusions are nothing new (except for country music!), but how exactly did they get to these precise numbers? Well, they analyzed the lyrics of a total of 287 songs from 2005 that encompassed all musical genres. Can you imagine the incredible amount of tracks that come out every year? Can you imagine how many country songs there are? I seriously doubt that by looking at just 287 tunes you can draw the line. But wait, there’s more.

To add to the further uselessness of this study, the researchers say that they have absolutely no idea how these lyrics affect the public. This reminds us of the study led by the russian scientist who doesn’t know what irony is which tried to say that heavy metal was about satan. Looking forward to a study about emo.

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