New Music Monday: 11 February

This week sees [tag]Morrissey[/tag] releasing his sixth greatest hits album, titled, well you’ve guest it “Greatest Hits“. One has to wonder if the Moz really has that many hits or this is another fan money exploitation, whichever it is doesn’t matter anymore, as I’m more then sure he’ll make up for it with his forthcoming brand new album this year. Laura Marling, a young promising folk singer/songwriter from Reading, is making her sought after debut “Alas I Cannot Swim.”

Also a while back we did a retrospective of the highly influencial [tag]Michael Jackson[/tag] classic “Thriller,” with the occasion of its 25th birthday. Now, this week, the remastered version of the classic will be withing grasp, as “Thriller–25th Anniversary Edition” will ship in a shop near your, though out the US. Other new albums worthy mentioning include the ones by Simple Plan, Robert Pollard, British Sea Power and Die!Die!Die!.

Morrissey - Greatest Hits
Morrissey: Greatest Hits

Michael Jackson - Thriller 25 years anniversery edition
Michael Jackson: Thriller – 25th Anniversary Edition

Laura Marling - ‘Alas I Cannot Swim’
Laura Marling: Alas I Cannot Swim

Widespread Panic  	Free Somehow
Widespread Panic: Free Somehow

Doug Hoekstra  	Blooming Roses
Doug Hoekstra: Blooming Roses

 Simple Plan
Simple Plan: Simple Plan

British Sea Power  	Do You Like Rock Music?
British Sea Power: Do You Like Rock Music?

Die! Die! Die!  	Promises Promises
Die! Die! Die!: Promises Promises

Rober Pollard - Superman Was A Rocker
Robert Pollard: Superman Was A Rocker

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