Dude ‘N Nem: “Watch My Feet”, Hip-Hop video of the year

Remember the [tag]Dude ‘N Nem[/tag] 1000$ YouTube contest? Well it officially ended; contestants had to film them selfs, while dancing on the “Watch My Feet” beat, and then upload it on YouTube, where it would be reviewed and ultimately, if good enough, included in the official Dude ‘N Nem video. I have to say that the dancing is mind blowing, the moves are purely unbelievable, I’m watching it as i speak and can’t get enough of it. The particular and kinda weird dance style, encountered in the video, is called Footworkin’; a Chicago specific dance style characterized by a feel-good, high-energy, funky vibe.

Check out the making of the video bellow; outstanding effort:

The finalized and official video:

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