New Battles video: ‘Tonto’

NYC math rockers Battles released a formidable debut full length album in the form of Mirrored, at the start of this year, a record full of experimental synths, calculated,robot like percussions and guitar chops and beats that would cause shame even to the best MC. It also featured vocals for the first time, as in their previous EPs Battles song were only instrumental, if you can call Tyondai Braxton‘s munchkins-like vocals singing. “Tonto“, the second single after the highly praised Atlas, incredibly summarizes the whole record and what I’ve said earlier, perfectly. As for the video it’s a lot more darker then I would’ve expect, as opposed to the lively Atlas and very well reflects the song’s dynamic nature and over all weirdness. Always hard to describe experimental songs and videos, better have a look at it for yourself and tell me how you fell about it.

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