Trent Reznor morns OiNK, while Ozzy condemns downloads for ruining music

Trent Reznor OiNk
[tag]Nine Inch Nail[/tag] frontman, the controversial Trent Reznor, recently admitted having a account at the former biggest source for illegal waffles and music, OiNK. He even said he would’ve paid the controversial website for their leaked albums, if asked to, as he believes any other legal download store doesn’t come close.

He told New York magazine: “I’ll admit I had an account there and frequented it quite often. At the end of the day, what made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world’s greatest record store. Pretty much anything you could ever imagine, it was there, and it was there in the format you wanted. He added “If OiNK cost anything, I would certainly have paid, but there isn’t the equivalent of that in the retail space right now.

iTunes kind of feels like Sam Goody to me. I don’t feel cool when I go there. I’m tired of seeing John Mayer’s face pop up.”

Trent is notorious for supporting anything happening at a underground level (wouldn’t be surprised if he’d buy a island or something, where he’d dictate his will to his loyal and following disciples), including illegal downloads. One of his most famous stunts was during a recent gig in Australia, when he encouraged the people attending the live performance, to download his Year Zero album and share it. The illegal torrent tracker was shut down a week ago, on October 23, as a result of a police raid in Amsterdam, where the Interpol confiscated OiNK’s servers. The owners was also arrested, but soon released.

Ozzy OsbourneOn the other side of the fence lies, everyones favorite prince of darkness(?) [tag]Ozzy Osbourne[/tag] who is “suffering terribly” from the effects of illegal downloading. After having a recent chat with Australia’sHerald Sun, Ozzy confessed that his latest album’s Black Rain low sales had forced him to play almost 90 live shows this year, a career high for the fifty-eight-year-old rock star.

“If they don’t find something to stop [illegal downloading], people won’t be able to make records. There won’t be any new bands. How are they going to survive?” asks Ozzy.

While illegal downloads certainly hit the artists hard, I think Ozzy should think a bit out of the box (Radiohead anyone ?) and try to leverage the ever expanding internet and opportunities of download marketing.

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  • Alex

    Maybe Ozzy would have sold more if he had actually made a decent album.

  • Ryan of the RSL Music Blog

    RE: Alex


    I am not a fan of torrents that give away entire albums so am actually really not a supporter of Oink – but Ozzy’s platform is so weak. People aren’t downloading his album to steal it. They might be checking it out to find out it’s not worthy of purchase. That, I believe.

  • Nick

    Ozzie’s really slumming it up in that palace of his. It’s ridiculous if he thinks the outdated business model of the record industry is going to persevere through modern times. The only people concerned with the record industry’s decline aren’t worried about the decline of music, but rather that they might not be able to keep their private jets. The whole prospect of Ozzie complaining like that is preposterous. Members of my family in the music business do very well with commissions, teaching, and playing shows.

  • John

    What a sad excuse for Ozzy. With all due respect sir, the reason why you did so terribly is that you are no longer ‘hip’. Your audience is fading away. I’m sure you lost a few dollars due to downloading but it is NOT to blame as to why you did horribly w/your last album sold.

  • SteveTheMighty

    A *record* 90 shows. This year. That’s a 2-hour show every 4 days. My God, someone get this man a chair and a cup of tea, he must be exhausted. Though to be fair, it would only have been 45 shows if he had sold 1/2 the tickets available, instead of 1/4. Fewer people want your music, so you have to work harder to reach them. Get over it.

  • lash

    this is a horribly biased article.

  • Tholaris

    I’m so tired of hearing about the “poor artists” who are “being robbed” by internet downloads of their tracks.

    First of all, Ozzy isn’t anywhere near broke. He needs to suck it up and stop crying about having a few less extra stacks of cash lying around.

    Second, internet radio has done a lot to curb illegal downloads, and with services like internet radio you get introduced to a ton of new artists and are even given the option of purchasing the tracks you like the most. I don’t see how that could hurt anyone.

    Third, has it occurred to anyone that this isn’t the first time that illegal copies of music were made? I’m sure there were people out there copying each other’s 8-tracks. Hell, me and my friends used to copy tapes for each other all the time. The only difference between copying tapes and illegal downloads is that the digital pirating is more observable. When no one could see it, it wasn’t such a big deal. Now that we can see it, pirating suddenly has a huge impact.

    And finally, times have changed since Ozzy started out in the music biz. It is time that artists find new ways of keeping up with the changes. Everyone else in every facet of society has had to deal with the changes that technology has brought (blogs/texting/camera phones have drastically changed what is considered acceptable public etiquette and have blurred the lines between public and private life) and artists are not exempt from these changes.

  • headshot83

    I feel that recording artists make to much as it is if you want to make music the money shouldn’t matter i think this would keep good bands from going bad (selling out) to often does an underground band make a break catch an audience and make a shit load of money and in return there fans receive a shity album so i think its only fair that those artists suffer if you want good music look for local or underground bands that work day jobs and live the music they make trent reznor is one of the few that still trys to bring a real feel as if his albums where created in a basement good music isnt mainstream its the people that live it live the shit a suffer just like there fans they download there music so they can afford there rent i say fuck corporate America fuck kiss lighters and kiss bobble heads and fuck ozzy he lost his soul a long time a go. if i’m going to prison for listening to music i like it shows how far our country has sunk into a hole fuck it (soulfly) LIVE YOUR LIFE LEAVE ME ALONE

  • DaTroll

    “…if you want to make music the money shouldn’t matter…”

    Are you fucking STUPID? How are they supposed to live? Don’t use that “music as a pure art form” bullshit to justify your LimeWire addiction, dude. The performers are entitled to every penny. But, if they rework their business model, they can make a good living AND we can have inexpensive music. In the old (current) business model, you and I as album-buying fans give the music distribution companies over $5 of PURE PROFIT on every CD we buy. That doesn’t go to the musician(s). If the musicians sell to me directly, maybe I would only have to pay 25 cents a song or less, and they (the musicians) would still make their millions, as they are entitled to do. All this does is remove those thieving bastards in between you and your favourite band.

  • KaleidoscopeEyes

    Yes poor Ozzy. There are people really getting ripped off on the internet and losing their homes by the actions of scam artists. These musicians are so bad off that we have to hear how they are “suffering terribly.” Give me a break!! People have made music and shared it long before musicians were making a gazzilion dollars a release. Awww poor dears!

    There is crime being committed online that is far, far more deserving of attention than this! A bunch of people sharing files is not worthy of attention with so many other MORE SERIOUS things going on. Ozzy, I have a sob story too. Can you help? *Pleading voice waaaaaaaaaaah!*

    The problem is that they have been so over indulged, are so out of touch with the way real people live that they have no earthly idea anymore what “suffering terribly” really is! Has Ozzy ever been to Dafur? Gawd, almighty that statement is an insult on so many levels it’s not even funny.

    Sorry, this article is ill informed, biased, mis placed and absolutely not convincing in any way.

    If you want people to stop trading music which is all torrents really are, then the arguments for doing so need to really be able to change peoples minds. No more crying “poor” from lavishly rich musicians, no more bullshit and bullying, those things will not work or stop this. Not ever.

    I buy my C.D.’s and yes, I share them. That’s it. I don’t STEAL fucking music and I’m sick of the music industry and their lies and scare tactics. The “spin” they have put on file sharing is a pack of crap that we are being asked to believe. Well? Is it working yet?? No it’s not because people can see through this a mile away. You know what is hilarious? They shut down the old “Napster” which was the best sharing site I’ve ever seen at that time, and they said that was going to really make a difference. They should’ve left it as it was because all they’ve done is make people more determined. *rolleyes* No one is going to listen to a bunch of millionaires telling them not to give away a song in a file. I’m sure not.

    I’ll see you guys on the torrent sharing sites out there, and maybe we can start up a charity for the poor musicians living in the Hollywood hills another day.

  • Tibi Puiu

    Let me make this clear: this article wasn’t written with the intent of condemning downloads or praising Ozzy, as some of you have written above. I wrote it simply to make a fun antithesis between the internet savvy Trent and the locked-inside-his-own-world Ozzy; and to make a point: that we live in a ever expanding technological world and that artists should re-evaluate the way they sale their work. It’s not the ’70s anymore.

  • Bridgette Featherstone

    I’ve actually just wrote an article about this last night that I plan on posting up soon. Similar to Radiohead, NIN, Madonna ect, if Ozzy were smart he could play his cards right and market himself as an “Independent Distributor” over the internet, and even then he would have to work on Name alone and, as the OC said, actually make a decent album.

  • Reid Hartel

    Because I’m sure Ozzy needs more money.

    “Because of illegal downloading, Lars won’t be able to install his gold plated shark tank bar for
    at least another month!”

    -South Park on Illegal Downloading

  • Ozzy?

    Oh my god. 90 live shows? Ozzy may be old but that’s only working like 180 hours in a year. The two hours per show may be hard work but it’s not as bad as a 9 to 5 job 250 days out of the year.

  • surgex

    “All this does is remove those thieving bastards in between you and your favourite band.”

    And this is what Trent Reznor is in support of…a world without record companies (i read that in another article somewhere, i think?), and I agree with him. It’s the companies who take everything and give nothing in return. See it used to be that the only place you could get music was in a music store, and that’s where the record companies had the advantage because they basically had the “distribution” locked down…what was the artist supposed to do, start their own chain of stores that only sold their cds?

    but now, with the internet, we actually have the freedom to get music from a web (or p2p\other) server! but, instead of embracing that technology and using it as a whole different business model (it does have its advantages over actual stores), the record companies refuse to admit defeat and change their evil ways.

    WE CAN WIPE THESE THEIVING SCUM SUCKING PARASITES THAT ARE CALLED RECORD COMPANIES OUT OF BUSINESS FOR GOOD! I dream of a world without record companies, let’s make that dream come true!

  • http://musicindustry music finatic

    Im half way with this problem. I want to be a singer when i am older and would love to sell my own music, but on the other hand i like to download free music because i think c.ds now days are to expensive! so im sitting on the fence at the moment? I think to solve this problem c.ds should be sold cheaper and that might help stop alot of allegal downloads! i no it would in my own case!!!