New Girls Aloud video: ‘Sexy! No, No, No…’

New Girls Aloud video: ‘Sexy! No, No, No…’We haven’t heard anything new from [tag]Girls Aloud[/tag] for some time, but now they’re back and in full throttle with a smashing new single “Sexy! No,No,No…”, the first one off their upcoming still untitled fifth studio album. The girls have called the song ‘edgy’ and as the video goes, it’s edgy alright, actually very sharp.

The video is quite intertwined, with a lot of layers and “micro-worlds”, if you see the video you’ll know where I’m getting. In the first scenes the girls are wearing PVC suits and dancing about, after which pins are pierced through the set, that is actually a dress. The next frames see the girls wearing dresses, but the sharp menace isn’t gone and the agile quintet has tot dodge them. In the end of the video, the girls are back in their PVC suits, surrounded by threads from their ruined dresses.

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