Sia: ‘Buttons’ (Promo Video)

Aussie singer Sia Furler ( you probably all know her as Sia) is back with her first video, in a really long time, from her upcoming third LP “Some People Have Real Problems”. The song itself is kinda bad, but the video is loads of fun (brilliant i might add), in the style director Kris Moyes has accustomed me to. Sia moves from different face expressions and figures, mostly mutilating herself with things like clothespins, plastic cling wrap, sticky tape, and crying out that she’s ‘no good for you’. If someone can explain to me the video, then be my guest, i haven’t figured it out yet ( well d’oh it’s weird as hell), ’till then if you’re good with cover art (and eccentric most likely, if you want to win) you can enter Sia’s cover art contest for her next LP.

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