When Chinese Democracy is taken literal

Oh baby this was bound to happen. What am I talking about?? Yeah, a newspaper run by the Chinese communist rulling party is slamming and thrashing the oh so much expected Guns’N’Roses new album, Chinese Democracy. They claim it’s an attack on their nation, and there’s a really big chance that it’s going to be illegal in that country, though I have to say it’s hard for me to understand how an objective listener could find it offensive towards China.

Just so you can be clear, the article is called American band releases album venomously attacking China”. I was unable to find a copy of it, but if you can, please do send us a copy. Their foreign ministry didn’t have anything to comment about that, but there was a feel of anonymus aproval in the air.

The record’s title track also makes reference to the Falun Gong meditation movement that was banned by China, after it was named an “evil cult” and warns “if your Great Wall rocks blame yourself”. No, really.

Also, what’s really interesting though not hard to guess is that they are very restrictive to artists that play concerts there, no matter who the artists are. For example, they asked Rolling Stones not to play “Brown Sugar,” “Honky Tonk Woman,” “Beast Of Burden” and “Let’s Spend The Night Together”. Yeah, like those are even well known songs. Still, that didn’t help much when at the end of a concert, Icelandic singer Bjork shouted as loud as she could “Tibet!”. Kudos, Bjork, you rock.

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