Download: Metallica – ‘The Day That Never Comes’

Metallica, trying to be badass

Metallica, trying to be badass

Metallica, trying to be badasss

Last week, we got indulged to a new Metallica song, Cyanide, albeit the live version, during it’s first showing during the band’s Ozzfest performance.

Today, we greet another song off the highly anticipated Death Magnetic, the 8 minute ballad/shredding rocker “The Day That Never Comes.” It starts really slow, in a Unforgiven kinda way, with some tight, harmonic riffs and James, as usual, solid vocals (although a bit not himself here, is it just me?), after which it simply explodes around the 5 minute mark, with Kirk’s ever present shredding, with a One-like bridge. Clearly, the band’s going for Black Album reminiscent stuff, and I’m really cool with that, but the resulted effect isn’t exactly what I’d wish for from the band. Cyanide still seems more interesting.

Anyway, I’m glad they’ve stayed away from too much radio friendly material. You can find the song, as well as the live version of Cyanide (the quality is a lot better than on YouTube) on the band’s myspace. For your commodity, we’ve ripped sampled the MP3 bellow. Remember folks, Death Magnetic is out September 12th.


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  • Pastie

    I think Lars Ulrich is a Cloakerton, does anyone else agree? Slonsl. This is an awesome track though. Can’t wait for death magnetic.

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  • guy

    wat an awsome song !!!!
    i cant wait for Death Magnetic any longer !!!!
    one pf my favorite bands and no dought that they are one of the greatest bands ever !!!

  • Chips

    Yes i agree that Lars Bar is a nob heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed son of a cloakertonyowleyedbastard but the new album lacks two major vital piece of metal tools to rock your socks off. The first being a hperdemackoontoopslonsl and the second being, whats known in Roman times, as, Bobbus Rockus Maximus. kneak kneak

  • Fade2Black_87

    Any asshole that says anything bad about Metallica is probly the dumbest person alive! I worship the ground Lars Ulrich walks on bcuz I’m a drummer too!

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  • gool


  • Didi

    Welcome back… My Metallica Soul… !
    The Day That Never Comes, it’s a geat song… I Like it.

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  • Sharla Clymore

    I could use a invite code, if someone still has one available.