David Bowie album released

The first album released by David Bowie in 10 years is definitely the most interesting thing happening in music right now. ‘The Next Day’ is Bowie’s first full-length release since 2003’s ‘Heathen’, and if you’re too afraid to get it because you’re afraid you’ll be disappointed – don’t, it’s worth every penny.

David Bowie took everyone by surprise when, in January, out of nowhere, he released a new video – ‘Where are we now?’. Rumours started, album, tour, legend, Bowie – all these words were just thriving all across the media, and when the second song came out – it was all clear: prepare yourselves for a new David Bowie album.

Since then, everybody got a chance to listen to it because it was streamed on iTunes, but now you can get the real deal.

Other new albums out today include releases by The Hurts – ‘Exile’, Blue Hawaii – ‘Untogether’ and Trent Raznor’s How to Destroy Angels – ‘Welcome Oblivion’

david bowie

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