David Bowie streaming his new album ‘The Next Day’ in full

In case you didn’t know (despite the fact that we already told you twice so, no excuses there) – David Bowie broke his 10 year long musical silence, taking everybody by surprise and storming in with his new songs, and now, a full album that he’s streaming on iTunes.

He already released two singles – the first one (Where are we now?) shot straight to no. 1, and no one was really surprised, while the second one was launched just a few days ago.

The full tracklisting for ‘The Next Day’ is as follows:

‘The Next Day’
‘Dirty Boys’
‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’
‘Love Is Lost’
‘Where Are We Now?’
‘Valentine’s Day’
‘If You Can See Me’
‘I’d Rather Be High’
‘Boss Of Me’
‘Dancing Out In Space’
‘How Does The Grass Grow’
‘(You Will) Set The World On Fire’
‘You Feel So Lonely You Could Die’

Deluxe Version bonus tracks

‘So She’
‘I’ll Take You There’

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