A guide to this summer’s upcoming releases by Pitchfork

New Summer Releases

New Summer ReleasesRight at the end of 2007, we’ve made a small preview of the current year, in which we expressed our excitement for what we believe to be a very fruitful year for music. Everybody knows the best releases come in the summer time. That’s when all the big festivals and tours are held and that’s when almost all the great albums get released.

Thoughtful as they are, our colleagues from Pitchfork took the time to comply an awesome guide for the summer of 2008, in terms of new releases. You can check it out here. Read it well and plan your money accordingly. Just a quick through the list reveals a myriad of awesome artists debuting or returning with new music.  Beck, UNKLE,  CSS, Alice Cooper, The Cure, Morrissey are just a few artists featured in the list.

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