Live Review: Takka Takka

Takka Takka


Well, where do I begin…? I look back on the weekend and laugh after road tripping down to ISU because I’m worn out and sleep deprived from the insane partying. Geez I need to get my priorities straight…j/k!

I wandered over to the Ohtis  SXSW Homecoming show w/  Takka Takka, Tune-yards and Sister Suvi thursday night after a solid drinking game, that I don’t even remember the name of.  I walked into the jam-packed apartment party that reeked of  PBR with a gang of greasy hipsters donning their best vintage tee and american apparel hoodie. Don’t get me wrong I love a cheap beer but I hate the material status of it…it’s like, hey I’m so cool that I drink shit.

I made a beeline towards the basement to catch the beginning of Takka Takka’s set and I weaved my way up to the front of the show. Like Moses parting the ocean I parted the crowd due to being short, female and donning an expensive looking blogger camera. I used these three to my advantage at pitchfork this summer and it got me literally from the back to the front for Cut Copy, High Places, Animal Collective, the Dodos, and the Apples in Stereo.

Takka Takka’s set was pretty gnarly for an extremely overcrowded college apartment that had to have been 100 degrees. They did not lose their cool and they sounded great.

They played about 5 or 6 songs including some faves: fever, silence, and everybody say. Fever a song off their latest album Migration was featured in the movie Nick  and Nora’s Infinite Playlist.

Takka Takka

After their last song I went to get some fresh air outside and noticed the policia walking towards the apartment…anyone’s initial reaction when cops are walking towards you (well at least in college) is to run away, but  I was quickly reminded that I was 21…not an underager anymore.

The party got broken up and I unfortunately wasn’t able to see OHTIS, but you can check my interview out with them.

It was totally worth feeling like a sardine for 45 minutes to catch Takka Takka live.

Takka Takka hails from Brookly, Manhattan and Astoria, Queens, NY, according to their myspace. Their signed to Ernest Jenning Recording Company. Takka Takka consists of Gabriel Levine, Conrad Doucette, Grady Jurrens, Rene Planchon, and  Drew Thurlow.

Takka Takka has received alot of press within the past 2 years ranging from Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Spin to Stereogum. If you have heard of Takka Takka then keep supporting them and if you haven’t then start. Without a doubt, there will be big things to come from this band…!


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