Zombie and Ozzy team up again

A while ago we wrote an article about a strange competition between Ozzy Osborne and Rob Zombie. We enjoyed seeing your opinions and if you haven’t told us who your favorite is than please do. But it appears that in fact things are going very well between the two.

Rob Zombie puts movies on hold as he brings his musical career back from the dead to tour with Ozzy Osborne again. Despite being 16 years younger than Ozzy, Rob Zombie is still a heavy metal veteran; he says he will never forget the day they met. Awww isn’t that cute!!

“I mean it was ’95 maybe or something maybe before then, and I went over to his house,” Zombie, 43, tells Sun Media during a conference call with music writers leading up to a string of eastern Canadian dates. “Not the house that they had on the TV show The Osbournes, but the house they lived in before that, the house next door to Pat Boone, and I don’t even know why I was going over. I know that my manager, Andy Gould, had been friends with Sharon Osbourne for a long time and, I don’t know, I’m not even sure what it was all about.
“Sometimes you just meet people and hang out for no reason. And it was great, I’d always loved Ozzy, loved Black Sabbath, and that point it was very funny because it was me and Ozzy in his house and he played me the entire album he had made with Mark Hudson that was very Beatles-sounding and it’s never been released but it was fantastic.”

Oh come on. The prince of darkness meets the fab four ? Zombie says he wasn’t sure what kind of impact his recent success as a horror director was having on his music career, other than drawing younger fans to the concerts, but he has no intention of giving up one for the other. Well not a bad impact that’s for sure. In the meantime, Zombie says opening for Osbourne hasn’t lost its lustre for him. Although, it is now a very familiar experience.
“It seems as if about every two years I tour with Ozzy and, basically, it just makes it seem like it’s that time of year again,” he says. “I love touring with Ozzy. He’s always been super nice to me. He’s a really nice guy. I like all the guys in his band. It’s always a very pleasant experience.” Who wouldn’t want to tour with Ozzy ?

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