Klaxons win Mercury Prize

Indie rave trio [tag]Klaxons[/tag] have managed to win the British annual 2007 Mercury Prize, for their revolutionary debut album “Myths of the Near Future“. The competition was far from easy, with such contenders as: [tag]Amy Winehouse[/tag]’s “Back to Black“, [tag]Arctic Monkeys[/tag]’s “Favourite Worst Nightmare“, [tag]Dizzee Rascal[/tag]’s “Maths + English” and loads of other great brit bands. The award came as a complete surprise for the Klaxons, as they were ravished by emotions, bursting in tears, before triumphantly taking over the stage by storm. Upon receiving the award the band said:

“This really is too much! It means so much to us. A year ago we were in a studio watching the Arctic Monkeys on TV and thinking we need to make a great album. The Mercurys is about pushing music forward and we think that’s what we did with this album .”

The band were also awarded a prize money of 20.000 pounds (aprox. $40,250), that the band intend to donate to charity, willing to “inject a spark somewhere”, as the band members implied. Check out Mercury Prize nominee Amy Winehouse dazzling performance of “Love Is A Losing Game” bellow at the award ceremony.

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