Artmania 2007 3 with My Dying Bride, The Gathering, Tarot

The day after that there were more people. There were some clouds but that was not a problem. The bands finished their soundcheck and at 19.00 the crowd went into the citadel in which the bands played and there was a lot of noise.

The hour was 19.30 when Tarot went up the stage. They were not upset to be the opening band and they were relaxed and enjoyed themselves. That is obvious when you think that Hietala & Co are singing for more than 20 now. They were modest and talked to the public which made them very apreciated. Their music made a statement and probably opened some minds; people could have noticed that Tarot has two drums and two vocals. That is very nice and very clever as their voices are very close and they can rest for a while as the other is singing. When they sang [tag]Ashes to the Stars[/tag] the crowd went wild and screamed for several minutes. Pictures from TAROT:
Playlist Tarot:
Crows Fly Black
Pyre Of Gods
Veteran Of Psychic Wars
Before The Skies Come Down
Bleeding Dust
Rider Of The Last Day
Ashes To The Stars

Then at 20.40 it was Gathering time. This was special as it is the first time they play in this country and maybe the last they play with [tag]Anneke van Giersbergen[/tag]; she is set to leave the band. The people who knew them loved it but the other were not pleased. The fact that Anneke danced and smiled a lot helped but it was not spectacular. There was also some light and that did not help. THE GATHERING:
Playlist The Gathering:
Shortest Day
Even The Spirits Are Afraid
Probably Built in the Fifties
In Motion #1

So My Dying Bride went in at 21.50. It was dark and the stage was set for the band. They had a lot of drama and theatrical play and the crowd loved it. They were very careful with the costumes and the make up and many more details. But the way they played made it worth it. The main man for their act was [tag]Aaron Stainthorpe[/tag] who shifted from melancholy to a heavy way of singing. He was very dedicated to his act and the people liked that. He also dived in the stage which is something he does. MY DYING BRIDE:
Playlist My Dying Bride:
To Remain Tombless
Catherine Blake
My Hope the Destroyer
The Blue Lotus
The Cry Of Mankind
Thy Raven Wings
She Is The Dark
[tag]The Snow In My Hand[/tag]
The Dreadful Hours

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