Gonna Be Your Man In (Uniform) Motion

They'd be 400% better if they used PCs instead of Macs. OOH CONTROVERSIAL.

Anytime I receive a press release that labels a band “an extremely exciting arts collective [and] a perpetual multimedia art installation“, a tiny emergency klaxon in my brain – wedged somewhere between the hippocampus and the primary auditory cortex, so the sound is both unbearably loud and very memorable – goes off. The klaxon reminds me to regard the offending group with the kind of scorn you reserve for only the most pretentious of ponces, and also Nazis. Luckily for me, this has only happened one time: now. The band in question is Uniform Motion, and confusingly, they are not Nazis, nor are they awful. Instead, they are wonderful. Klaxon, you have misled me.

The reason they have come to my attention is their Uniform Motion Pictures project. Starting back in early October, and continuing through to around X-Holiday, the band – including their full time “illustrator-guy”, Renaud Forestié – are posting a live video for each of the songs off their debut album Pictures, along with a fancy flipbooky-comic-thingy. It’s all in preparation for the release of their second album, Imitape, sometime next year, and I really don’t do justice to just how lovely the concept turns out to be, so be sure to go look for yourself HERE.

Cast Iron from Uniform Motion on Vimeo.

Also, let your eyes notice how the band are offering their Pictures album for free, as long as you sign up to their mailing list. You should do it, as free stuff is great. And so is the album. So it’s all doubly great, like Tony The Tiger being poached and eaten by a great hunter.

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