Artmania 2007 4 the headline

Everybody was waiting for the headliners. Within Temptation was about to sing. But at first there was a wait; people waited for the set to be ready. Very crowded set and it is hard to describe it so let the pictures talk. Statues and lights and things like that.

That is way over the top you could say. That is you could say without having watched them. When they sing and the set plays the part it should play you can understand why they are wanted to sing everywhere. The show is breathtaking and the music is something very special. It is like it is made for singing at concerts. The sound was flawed at moments but that is just the way it is.

The structure of the music is easy and it is liked by many music listeners not just metal listeners. There is the energy from the instruments. There is the way they move. And there is Sharon. She is like a mermaid and captivates you. With nice clothing and without shoes she made people ecstatycal.

The bad thing is that they did not play [tag]Ice Queen[/tag] and the part from What Have You Done which is played with [tag]Keith Caputo[/tag] was just a recording. But they are forgiven as they made total show and with a bit more time they would have made it over the top. Memorable act by memorable artists. The last day had many medieval acts and local bands played. Within Temptation said after the act that they would like to play again in the same place. It would be nice. It would be more than nice.
Within Temptation
The Howling
Stand My Ground
The Cross
What Have You Done?
Mother Earth
[tag]The Heart Of Everything[/tag]
All I Need
The Truth beneath the Rose

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