Artmania 2007 2 with local acts and Anathema

So this gets us to this year. The bands were Anathema, Within Temptation, My Dying Bride, The Gathering and other local bands. The local bands were not bad. It was nice to notice that people who were foreign liked them. Maybe romanian rock has a chance; this is a step in that way and quality music is welcome.

The first day began with Anathema and local bands like Cargo, Celelalte Cuvinte, Altar. The crows was upset as [tag]Haggard[/tag] who should have played backed out due to an injury. The piano player Hans Wolf could not be replaced. So it started at 20:00 with Altar. They attracted Romanian people and managed to get things started. Many chose to have a drink and listen; true metal people appreciated the dynamic and dedicated band. The frontman Andy Ghost may be short and he may have started singing over 16 years ago but he acts worthy of his romanian fans. Then at 20:50 Celelalte Cuvinte, which just could be the most respected romanian act, began. They lived up to their name and got people to sing with them. They sang the best that any local band would that day. Just a handful of people stayed away from the scene. [tag]ALTAR[/tag]:

Then at 21 :45 the band replacing Haggard went up. Cargo is what the band is called and they did a decent job. They are no Haggard but they managed to delight some of the crowd. The people were waiting for Anathema. It was worth the wait. Pictures from

The years have set and the young boys from Liverpool are not that young now but they are musicians. True musicians who live up to their name and make shows like not so many bands do today. The hour was 22:30 and the artists started singing. The easy way which they sing binds with their dedicated way of singing. They said in an interview that they are 100% dedicated to their music and that they like what they do. That was obvious to everybody who was standing there. The gateway to Anathema was open and [tag]Fragile Dreams[/tag], Closer, One Last Goodbye, Hope, Judgement or Flying were there. When they played A Natural Disaster they had Lee Helen Douglas with them. She is the sister of John Douglas who plays in the band; she has a lovely voice and travels with the band when they are doing tours. They played Sleepless for the first time in 9 years with Duncan at bas. The encore made people almost frantic. The day ended with the Anathema view of Comfortably Numb a huge [tag]Pink Floyd[/tag].
Playlist Anathema
Shroud of False
Fragile Dreams
Inner Silence
One Last Goodbye
A natural Disaster
Angels Walk Among Us
A Dying Wish
Comfortably Numb

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