Black Star Riders Premiere ‘Hey Judas’ Video

Black Star Riders came out with a new video for ‘Hey Judas’ a song featured on the band’s debut album “All Hell Breaks Loose,” which was released last week by the most dedicated metal label – Nuclear Blast.

But there’s more good news to come for people who like Black Star Riders – frontman Ricky Warwick says they’re in for the long haul, and they’re currently planning more studio releases, tours, videos – the whole 9 yards.

For those asking – what the f%*$ is going on here, who’s Black Star Riders? Well, they’re Thin Lizzy… except they’re not Thin Lizzy. The guys from the band recorded some new material and all, but they decided they just didn’t want to go along and release it under that name. While Thin Lizzy will continue on an occasional basis, Black Star Riders will be a full-time band, described as “the next step in the evolution of the Thin Lizzy story”.

“Kevin Shirley captured an energy and attitude that does not sound like anyone else. Yes, we have a connection to Thin Lizzy – but I do think we have a unique sound, which I really love and I don’t see the point of changing that. I like to think we’ll keep recording the best songs we can, keep the sound that we have and try to develop it even more.”

What do you say? Do you like this style more, or is it just a step down from their classic stuff?

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