Download: The Big Pink – ‘Dominoes’

The Big Pink

The Big Pink have just made a track from their debut album available on the bands official website.

By signing up to the bands mailing list you can download ‘Dominoes’ for free.

The Big Pink have been on the good end of a lot of coverage in the UK recently, being hailed by the BBC as one of their Sounds Of 2009.

The band are tough to define into any one category. Previous tracks such as ‘Velvet’ and ‘Too Young To Love’ have quite an electro influence, ‘Dominoes’ however is leaning more towards indie.

Although The Big Pink are pretty unique right now, similar bands and artists include Delphic, Golden Silvers, Dan Black and even Hockey.

[MP3] The Big Pink – ‘Dominoes’

The Big Pink’s debut album ‘ A Breif History Of Love’ is released September 14th (15th in the US) on 4AD Records.

The Tracklisting for the bands debut album ‘A Brief History Of Love’ will be:

  1. ‘Crystal Visions’
  2. ‘Too Young To Love’
  3. ‘Dominos’
  4. ‘Love In Vain’
  5. ‘At War With The Sun’
  6. ‘Velvet’
  7. ‘Golden Pendulum’
  8. ‘Frisk’
  9. ‘A Brief History Of Love’
  10. ‘Tonight’
  11. ‘Countbackwards From Ten’

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