New Queen …errr I mean Muse song



Before listening Muse‘s latest single, “United States of Eurasia,” I was totally psyched about hearing their new and upcoming album “The Resistance.” Yes, I’m terribly disappointed with Muse on this one, and it’s pretty plainly easy to see why, since the song fails to deliver on so many fronts. Simply put, it sounds like a bad Queen cover. A surprisingly unoriginal and unimaginative track, especially coming from a band like Muse that tailors itself as prog rock outfit. What I liked, though, was the single’s release concept – the song was split into six parts, scattered across six city around the world, while fans had to go on a USB treasure hunt and paste the parts together to be able to listen to the song. Speaking of which, you can download and stream bellow.

[MP3] Muse – ‘United States of Eurasia’

As previously reported, The Resistance will be out September 14th via Warner Bros.

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