Download: Vivian Girls – ‘Lake House’

Vivian Girls

Vivian Girls

The all girl trio’s last year self titled debut was nothing short of amazing! It was raw, up beat, fun, catchy and more, all wrapped up in a beautiful indie package. Currently, the Vivian Girls are touring the US a bit, after a pretty long stint in Europe, so keep your eyes pealed for gigs.

What I have for you today, however, is a new VG track I’m prepared to share, curtesy of the oh-so generous Chris from Gorilla vs Bear (you’re the best, chief!). Although it barely goes pass the 2 minute, “Lake House” packs quite a punch. Got bruses to proove.

If you want to look for a Vivian Girls gig somewhere near you, check out their tour schedule on the band’s myspace. Check out the girls’ twitter too, for some updates.


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