Kicking Death In The Ass While Singing – The Hold Steady Ready New Album

Yes: the album is so close, you could almost reach out and touch it. GAAAHHH.

How have we not posted about this already? The Hold Steady’s new album, Heaven is Whenever, is all set for release in May (the 4th in America, 3rd in Europe), and to set tongues a-waggin’, they’ve been drip-feeding songs from the album around the internet like delicious little morsels of heroin – seemingly innocuous, but so very more-ish. So, to start with, our pretentious chums over at Pitchfork have been kindly streaming “Hurricane J”. Go listen by clicking on this link: THIS LINK. Yes, it’s another song about a pretty girl in a bad situation, but that’s entirely unimportant compared to the fact that it’s another fantastic song about a pretty girl in a bad situation. So that’s okay, then.

Further to your attention, gentlefolk, Vulture are streaming “Rock Problems”. This is also fantastic, based on the four or five times I’ve listened to it tonight. No doubt I’ll write more about these songs when I inevitably review the album.

Also, if you’re near an independent record store (they still exist, I’m told), you might be able to pick up a limited early release of Heaven is Whenever on April 17th, Record Store Day.

Waitasec. Have we not written about Record Store Day yet either? Man!

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