Yes: Even More Hold Steady Stuffs

There will always be Hold Steady news worth reporting. WE WILL NOT BE DETERRED.

Look. I’m sorry, but I make no apologies for this: due to a series of internal misunderstandings, my review of the Hold Steady’s Heaven Is Whenever (released – oh! – sometime in the last 24 hours) is unlikely to be ready until Thursday or Friday at the earliest. (“Not even a proper excuse!” I hear you wail. I sighingly look up from my other important duties to explain that I was accidentally killed while retrieving a penny that had fallen behind a fridge, and must now use my incorporeal form to “suggest” a review through the stubbornly uncooperative conduit of some meddling kids. And that not everything’s about you, you know. So.)

Anyway, there’s a sterling video below the cut of Finn and chaps performing album highlight “The Weekenders” on some American late night show that, dispiritingly, isn’t Conan’s.

Thank the lovelies at Stereogum for that with some clicks. There you go. Ta.

Oh, and while I’ve got your attention, do go read the New York Times’ review of Heaven Is Whenever. It’s a brilliantly confusing piece of something. I’m unsure if I should offer the writer a bracing handshake for the effort, or a stern paddling with a metre stick for it being a bit rubbish.

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