Manics Return – Declare Love Over

This is what rock n' roll looks like, children. Unfortunately.

Remember when your love alone (was not enough)? Well, now love is ending. But at least it’s not war.

Such is the cheery outlook of the new Manic Street Preachers single “(It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love”, cunningly released to “radio” as a kind of “preview” of their upcoming “album”, Postcards From A Young Man. Never ones to be subtle where sledgehammer-like hyperbole would suffice, it contains such wonderful lyrics as “To feel forgiveness, you gotta forgive […] You fight your war, I fight for my life.” And that’s just from the first verse.

So it’s probably a good thing they’ve couched this silly piece of ridiculousnessnessness in a honking great pop song, all charging guitar arpeggios and surging string arrangements. Although by the end (and it clocks in at an economical 200 seconds, so you don’t have too much time to ponder) you’re thinking that it’s so overblown, they’re probably just doing a rather good parody of their younger “Motorcycle Emptiness” selves, and maybe we’re all supposed to be in on the joke by now, and what would Richey Edwards have to say about all this? (Answer: he’d say “And for my next trick, I shall make myself disappear. Get a load of this!” Real good magician, that guy.)

Video’s below the cut, love.

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