Mother-Tucker: Corin Tucker’s Solo Debut

No, seriously. Epitome of rock n' roll right there.

Who’s your favourite band ever?

Wrong: it’s Sleater-Kinney, those dearly-departed purveyors of punk, who ceased to be actively awesome almost four years ago. And now? Now there is more of it.

Courtesy of those skinny-jeaned scamps over at Pitchfork, this is “Riley” “Doubt”, our first glimpse into 1,000 Years the excitingly upcoming solo album from Sleater-Kinney’s Corin Tucker. Present and correct are the following elements: powerful punk guitars; an organ-and-handclaps-based breakdown; some searing solos; and most importantly, that voice. The one a lot of awful people were wrong to hate, and a special and wonderful group of people were very right to love. It’s bloody great, both in and of itself, and because it’s Corin Tucker making this kind of music again.

As always, click to listen, right-click to download.

Corin Tucker – Doubt

UPDATE: Pitchfork mis-labeled the song, the ruddy imps. Duly edited.

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