Hot Streaming: The Mars Volta – ‘Octahedron’

The Mars Volta - Octahedron

The Mars Volta - Octahedron
The album art for TMV’s upcoming album, Octahedron – out June 23.

A few months ago I talked a bit about The Mars Volta‘s latest up and coming record, titled “Octahedron,” and how glad I was to hear that we’ll be finally dealing with a more cohesive and unitary record, seeing how supposedly the whole band is now creatively involved.

Well, time’s past and we’re now only one week away from Octahedron’s release date. Consequently, as a PR stunt we’ve been granted free access to the album’s stream in its entierrty on TMV’s myspace. I’ve had the chance only to skim a bit through it, but from the few tracks I managed to sample it’s somewhat different from their previous work and definitely a lot different from the band’s last album (for the better), The Bedlam in Goliath.

>>Stream: The Mars Volta – Octahedron

As a small note, if you’re TMV fan you should most definitely check out Cryptomnesia by El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez Lopez (TMV guitarist and leading creative figure) – what the new Mars Volta record should have looked like. If you consider, of course, that Cryptomnesia and Octahedron were made by more or less the same people, it’s easy to see there’s really no harm done. How could there have been, actually, when you’ve got two Mars Volta records in only one year?

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