6 great grunge bands you would have never found out about [w/ bonus]

Meat Puppets

The band

It’s pretty hard to say whether the Meat Puppets were grunge or not, but one thing’s for sure: their influence – HUGE. Also, we all know the bloody brilliant unplugged Nirvana concert. You know, blonde hair, old sweaters, genius in a nutshell ?? “These is the Meat Puppets”, that kind of stuff. With inspiration from the Kirkwood brothers, they created some very interesting tunes, which makes it easy to understand why Kurt Cobain would want to cover them. I would seriously recommend buying at least one album from them, as their musical approach varies, from psychedelic to hard rock, from grunge to ballady (that’s not really a genre, is it??).

The legacy

Ironically, the band will probably remain forever the most well known for featuring in the Nirvana unplugged. That’s really unfair if you ask me, but in a way, it’s really honorable that the most influencial and well the best band of the time would do covers of their songs. Still, they deserve more recognition than they have at the moment, which is why we’ll be a bit more generous on the songs.


Meat Puppets – “Lake of Fire”

Meat Puppets – “Scum”

Meat Puppets – “Backwater”

Meat Puppets – “We Don’t Exist”

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