6 great grunge bands you would have never found out about [w/ bonus]

7 year bitch

The band

Chicks did it grungy too; matter of fact, they played quite an important role in the whole scene. 7 year bitch had a lot of punk influences, getting most of their inspiration from The Gits, who played something really funky punk blues. The band lasted 7 years in which they made quite a loyal fanbase, but their history was quite grim; two tragedies blackened their music. Guitarist Stefanie Sargent died of a drug overdose, and not very long after that, Gits frontwoman Mia Zapata was brutally raped and murdered. After that, they released an album in the honor of the two, and after that became involved in society and created anti-violence and self-defence organisation Home Alive.

The legacy

Despite the fact that their fanbase never really did grow to an amazing level and they didn’t do very much outside of Seattle, they showed to the world that girls can rock too; and when being scrappy, dirty, and there’s nothing like a chick playing power chords. Also, Home Alive continues to exist today, helping a whole lot of women, showing that grunge people care too.


Seven Year Bitch – “In Lust You Trust”

Seven Year Bitch – “The Scratch”

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