6 great grunge bands you would have never found out about [w/ bonus]


The band

Remember when I said chicks can actually rock too?? Well, this may come as a shock to you, but Courtney Love was (haven’t heard anything notable form her recently) one of them. Kurt Cobain’s (crazy) wife was lead singer in a punk/grunge band called Hole, which started in 1989 and lasted for 13 years, disbanding in 2002. They had quite a lot of band members (not gonna name them, wikipedia has a whole lot of them) and in their 3 albums, they displayed 3 different styles, actually showing quite a lot of versatility. If that still doesn’t convince you, in VH1’s countdown of the best hard rock bands, they hit a remarcable 77.


This is where Hole strikes low; despite starting out as a grunge band, they were nowhere near as innovative and original as the previous bands. As for commercial success, they only achieved it with their 3rd album, that has quite a lot of pop. Blah. Fail.


Hole – “Teenage Whore”

Hole – “Garbage Man”

Here’s one with master Kurt:

Hole – “Asking For It”

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