More new Black Keys to stream

So after the hilarious video for “Lonely Boy” (great song, too!), the Black Keys would like you to hear more of their upcoming album, El Camino.

All ya gotta do is head over to the Keys’ site for the album and enter in some info – namely: email address, zip code and country.  (If you detest getting pointless emails from the band or Warner Bros, you can simply unsubscribe right after.)  Pretty simple, right?  And for this you get to hear four (!) new cuts from the forthcoming record, plus the aforementioned “Lonely Boy.”

I thought I’d throw a few initial thoughts out there, as well…

“Gold on the Ceiling” has a dirty-ass shuffle to it, which leads to a rather hard-rocking (for them) chorus.  Love it.

“Little Black Submarines” starts out as a campfire acoustic ditty.  Half way, through, it becomes a blues-boogie monster with some seriously shit-hot fret work.  It’s a damn magic trick.

“Sister” features a Prince-esque vibe, especially during the quasi-falsetto chorus.  Great stuff.

“Run Right Back” is the dirtiest cut here.  It’s got an infectious swamp-rock groove (complete with a buzzing mosquito guitar lick) that’ll have indie kids chair-dancing in front of their computers for months to come.

I’ve only heard half of the album so far, but….This may be the best Keys record yet.  Get excited.  I certainly am.

El Camino comes out December 6.

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