New Black Keys: “Lonely Boy”

The blues-rock duo are back (that was a quick turnaround from Brothers, wasn’t it?) with a new single from the upcoming El Camino, which is out December 6.  The album was co-produced by Danger Mouse so expect it to be great.

The single is called “Lonely Boy” and features a ridiculous video.  I won’t spoil it.  Just watch it below.  As for the song, well, it continues the band’s attempt to escape the limitations of being a blues-based twosome.  The double-tracked guitars really stand out considering the one guitarist in the band, but maybe that’s only slightly irritating to me.  Beyond that serious, serious nickpicking, the track is a fun slab of southern-boogie complete with shuffling drums.  The reach-for-the-sky ooh’s in the chorus are as subdued as they can be given that they’re designed for arenas.  It’s classic Black Keys while being progression for the band.  I love it.

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