Courtney Love shares new video: You Know My Name



Courtney Love in You Know My Name video Source


It seems that Courtney Love is back in business and if you ask me, better than ever. The artist released a cute gilttery punk-rock video for one of her newest singles, You Know My Name, directed by Maxmilla Lukacs.

Talking to Pitchfork about the idea behind You Know My Name, Courtney said that:

it’s not “Hallelujah”—I didn’t write a lyric like, “I’m the little Jew that wrote the Bible.” I’m not showing off the best of my lyrical capacity, but it’s fucking catchy. This is a song kids are going to like a lot. I’m in the middle of writing a letter to a guy I have a crush on about this song, and how he’s probably not going to like it because he’s a grown-up. He’s more of a Dylan type. The B-side is also fast. I think fast songs are harder to write—I set the bar really high for fast songs. We demoed 18 songs, and I threw them all out. I wanted immediate—boom—get in there, punch them in the face in under three minutes, get out! 

Last month the artist also shared another single, Wedding Day and you can check it out at the bottom of the page.
You Know My Name and Wedding They are actually two of the songs from the artist’s upcoming album, Died Blonde, which will contain twelve new already recorded songs.

Enjoy the video for You Know My Name below!

Also check out Wedding Day below!

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