Crazy Town are going to release a new album


Who doesn’t remember the chorus: come my lady come come my lady you’re my butterfly sugar baby? Well, yeah, those guys decided to reunite ( and if you’re saying that this information isn’t new, then you should know that their latest plan to reunite, back in 2007, never happened) and also to work at a new album, The Brimstone Sluggers.

The band also said in a statement that:

We wont be trapped in a corner or put into a box. Yeah we know where heavy is … but we’re not where heavy lives.

And talking about a new video:

Wish we could release this single right now!…The thing is that we have to release it with the video. Shooting in a couple weeks.

Well I wish that they could release the single right now, and I my expectations are actually really high.

Crazy Town, also released a teaser for Hit That Switch, which actually sounds really nice, you can listen to it below. Enjoy!

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