Daniel Bedingfield gets naked in his new video: Secret Fear


Daniel Bedingfield relapses again by deciding  to get naked for his new video, where he appears with a sexy, beautiful naked girl, playing the game of love, passion and fury. Looks like he has a thing for appearing naked – he did it the first time in his other video, Rocks Off, where a bunch of horny girls actually rip off  all of his clothes.

I really like the video’s idea, the way those elements of nature combine (fire, water, love, etc.);  this kind of reminds me of Pink’s latest video. The song is really nice t0o, he has a nice warm voice and goes perfectly with the video’s idea so it all works out really sweet.

Secret Fear is the second song from Daniel’s new EP: Stop the Traffik; which can be downloaded from his official website.

Watch the video below, but be sure there are no kids  around, ’cause I’m telling you, there are some nasty things happening in this video.

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