Foo Fighters team with Butch Vig for new album


Forget the Greatest Hits album being an obituary. Apparently there is no hiatus. According to Dave Grohl, he and drummer Taylow Hawkins “have already started demoing songs” for a new album. Oh, and the band is working with producer Butch Vig – ya know, the guy that did Nevermind.

Better still, Grohl seems to think the new material “could be our heaviest yet.” Better still, the band will be recording in analog in Dave’s garage. I have yet to write my thesis on why analog is, like, the best thing ever and why digital recording is the worst thing in the history of existence, but suffice to say that last factoid makes me so happy. If there was one downside to the Foo Fighters ever-increasing fame, it was that their last few records were becoming a tad too perfect-sounding. Like sonic marble. Yuck.

Interestingly, the making of the album will be documented and made into a film that will also double as a chronicling of the band’s history.

Although no firm release date it set, September is being eyed as the month of Foo. Yay.

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