New Titus Andronicus video: ‘A More Perfect Union’

When I first listened to this song last month, I couldn’t be left more impressed by the band’s maturity, both in sound and lyrics. Hard banging riffs, anthemic hooks and pure passion misting through the air. The video, which was just recently released, although cut to just three and a half minutes versus the original seven minutes, is more or less a faithful visual rendition of what I’d imagine seeing soundtracked by “A More Perfect Union”. American flags, pure white hinterland scenery, people united under a common  banner, beautiful women (I guess they just had to put that in. props!) and, of course, fireworks. Titus Andronicus‘ sophomore release, “The Monitor”, is out now. [via indiescreet]

A More Perfect Union

Titus Andronicus | MySpace Music Videos

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