Led Zeppelin to reform with Myles Kennedy on deck ?

Myles Kennedy

Myles Kennedy

And the saga continues…

Yes, I know this Led Zeppelin reunion crap has been going on for too long. Ever since their infamous O2 gig, things have been hectic, to say the least. First the band met for some talks in January, then various people began to hint towards a reforming and even possibly a new album! This despite their long time frontman, Robert Plant, denied the whole things repeatedly, because he wants to concentrate on his solo career. He’s got a good thing on his own now, and we should all respect his decision.

However, who says Led Zeppelin needs Plant in the first way? Sure, he’s part of the heart and should of the band, but just like the replaced John Bonham on drums at O2, just as well he can also be expendable. If your memory serves you well, just a few months ago, at Wembley Stadium, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page joined Dave Grohl on stage to play a few Led tracks. Dave, of course, performed vocals. This gives even more credit to the thought, speculation, whatever you want to call it, that Led Zeppelin is going to reform under a new lineup (read new singer).

The highest possible contender to the title, according to the latest rumors that’ve been buzzing around lately, is Myles Kennedy the current lead singer for Alter Bridge (an alt rock group mostly composed of ex-Creed members) and former vocalist of The Mayfield Four. The rumors about him being the next Led frontman have sprung up after Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider, thanks to his connections in the music industry, stated that Kennedy has a big chance of singing for Led in case Plant is still reluctant. Recently, Plant totally dismissed once and for all any ‘silly’ reunion rumors, through an internet message, where he said he’s not looking for any touring, especially since he just wrapped one on October 5th, after traveling the world with Alison Krauss.

Robert has no intention whatsoever of touring with anyone for at least the next two years. Contrary to a spate of recent reports, Robert Plant will not be touring or recording with LED ZEPPELIN. Anyone buying tickets online to any such event will be buying bogus tickets”

Dee Snider recently appeard on Much Music‘s “Where Yout At Baby” show, once again confirming the rumors on national television, that Led will be fronted by Kennedy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the kid is fantastic! He’s got a golden voice and I’m sure he can sing the hell out of any Led songs, maybe, pardon my blasphemy, even better then Plant himself. The issue, however, is that it’s NOT Plant. I mean, are we so desperate for a Led Zeppelin reunion, that we don’t care anymore who’s up there, on the stage? Would any of you buy a ticket to a Led/Kenney show? That’s what I want and need to know.

Bellow is a video of Alter Bridge’s Broken Wings.

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  • http://unevenpavment.com/blog Greg

    Useless trivea alert:

    If you have seen the movie Rock Star then you have seen Myles. When Marky Mark is about to step down from Steel Dragon, he reaches in to the crowd and pulls a fan he saw singing along on to the stage. It was Myles.

  • AB Guy

    If you need to see for yourself go to youtube and type in Alter Bridge Khasmir. You can see Kennedy blast out Khasmir as a cover with Alter Bridge at the Download Festival in front of like 60,000 people. AMAZING


    It would be “blasphemy” to sneak into the presence of the holy KABAH in Mecca,climb onto it, and take a poop. Blasphemy for which one would certainly die a violent and painfull death.

    Its not “blaspemy” to replace a performer with another performer, a musician with another musician. This is done all the time, and, we may get something great for it. We may not. The point is Led Zeppelin is a GEE-TAR band. Whoever sings for them is accompanyment.
    Zeppelin lyrics are NOT the same as bob dylan, or john lennon, or Joni Mitchell.,etc.who all, by the way, change bands like I change lanes;frequently. BRING ON THE ZEPPELIN IN 09!If Kennedy is man enough then bring it on.

  • Phil-RPM

    Myles Kennedy is one of the best singers of all time. Check out Summergirl from when he was with the Mayfield Four. It has one of the most epic notes of all time. Any Alter Bridge song shows his range, but Blackbird is incredible. Yeah, he could rock Zeppelin. I just hope that Alter Bridge stays together cause Kennedy and Mark Tremonti are just too good to separate.

  • Brent

    I have been a big Myles Kennedy fan ever since he joined up with the Creed guys to form Alter Bridge. I have met the man in person, seen a live show by Alter Bridge (in which they did play the Kashmir cover). Myles Kennedy WILL NOT BE a dissapointment. I would sincerely hope that he doesn’t leave Alter Bridge for Zeppelin. That would be “leaving a great new band to fall apart to sing with a great old band that has fallen apart many times”.
    Myles brings a lot to the table for Zeppelin. He will not sound like Plant, I’m sure of it, but he will by all means sing every note to its fullest extent and more. The man can roll out a 30-something-second, 4 octave note streak and hit every note on key after all.

  • Tom

    Kennedy is more than capable of filling Plant’s shoes. He’s a better singer. But I, too, hope that ALter Bridge stay together, which is their intention, Mark Tremonti says they hope to be recording next year with AB.

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  • Brian Kann

    I am as big a fan of talent as anyone. If Myles Kennedy was inferior I would speak up. However, I was a big Creed fan (my first and only second loved band of “new metal”) and since they booted Scott Stapp and hired Kennedy, I have placed them in my top five of all time. My wife and I have seen Creed once and Alter Rbidge five times, including crossing over two states to see them live. Myles Kennedy is the best vocalist I have heard come along in rock perhaps since Robert Plant. Myles Kennedy has a vocal range found usually in opera singers. He’s definitely NO opera singer; Kennedy rocks hard. And he does so with an amazing vocal tone and range. If Led Zeppelin is to go on without Robert Plant, something I see as disastrous, Kennedy is the best man to fill Plant’s BIG BIG shoes. I have heard today rumours also of Steven Tyler taking the spot. Tyler may be one of only a handful whose legend looms as large as Plant’s, but Kennedy is the better singer by a mile.

    Kennedy is also one of very few out of the past two decades used to singing alongside a guitar virtuoso in Mark Tremonti. If it is to be, let it be with Myles Kennedy.

  • suz


  • D

    Better than Nuthin.

  • http://www.tristanclopet.com tristanclopet

    hopefully that guy isn’t singing if/when they ever get back together. zeppelin should have ZERO connection with creed.

  • marco

    Ive seen Myles Kennedy hitting high notes and holding it for like 20 to 30 seconds. I really think that he’s a good replacement for Plant. However, after watching a few vids of this guy, Arnel Pineda, (new frontman of the band “Journey”), singing “rock & roll”, “black dog” and “stairway to heaven” on youtube, I think he’s also a good replacement for Plant since he can sing those song and even improvised a very high note in the end or in the middle of those songs. I am talking about “high notes” not just high notes but also the power and tone of his voice. On the contrary part, journey got him already. I think it will be a good idea if Arnel Pineda could also be a freelance vocalist so he could sing for other band too because his voice is very versatile. Im sure that zeppelin is already aware of that.

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