Tool to start recording new album soon

Tool‘s one of the few bands that have managed to build a somewhat unique sound, characterized by heavy riffed music coupled with melodic and mellow vocals, labeled by most as style-transgressing. The band’s sold over ten million records, within their four album lifespan, won four Grammys and last but not least gained a cult like fanbase. Reverting back to the Grammy’s, a curious fact is although frontman Maynard James Keenan resents the notorious awards for what they’ve become, he decided to join the ceremony for the first time this Sunday night.

“Well, it’s the 50th anniversary, and my son’s never been to the Grammys, and I’ve never been to one, so I figured it’s probably time,” Keenan told MTV News on the Grammy red carpet on Sunday. His date for the event was his 12-year-old son, Devo, who is a cellist for Ashes Divide, the band founded by Keenan’s A Perfect Circle co-founder, Billy Howerdel. “There are other things we could do, but this is very special, I think, and it will be the highlight of the year for him. I think he’s pretty stoked about it. We’re kind of easygoing.”

What does the Grammy Awards have to do with a new Tool record? Well it was at this last edition of the awards, that Maynard revealed that the band would soon be reconvening to start kicking around song ideas, although he didn’t give anymore details about the fifth Tool album.

“We’re going to start writing the new Tool record right away,” he said.

Maynard doesn’t know yet the band’s gonna break through the studio, when it’s gonna be released or even how it might sound for that matter, but seeing as Tool’s touring schedule is currently free, he reckons now it’s time for them to start working. For those curious the Tool frontman also elaborated a bit on how the band’s song creation process takes place:

“The music always comes first,” Keenan said. “We all get in a room, shut out all the extra noises from the other people and what goes on outside the room and just focus on the four of us, where we are that day. And then we just start making sounds.”

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  • Rock Echoes

    Hope it will be better than 10,000 Days; not that the last album was bad, but I hope the band is aiming higher

  • Nick Sorgel

    Rock Echoes does not know what the fuck he is talking about. 10,000 Days is a great album as well their other three albums and EP. Tool is a group of mutants making badass music his bitch ass could only dream of making.So he should shut the fuck up and bow down to the kings of modern music.Tool does not need to aim higher for they have already achieved nirvana. Rock Echoes needs to get his head out of his big dumb ass and realize that. What a fucking dildo.

  • seano

    nick.. ditto. tell me a better album that was released around the time 10,000 days was. With how good tools backlogue is, how can you aim higher?

  • matt

    i agree with rock echoes after waiting 6 ywears for a follow up tyo lateralus 10,000 days was a massive let down. with teeth by nin was a better album released around the same time…

  • Froddo

    Not as good as Lateralus but what’s the use in comparing the two? 10,000 days was a fantastic album and I think it’s ridiculous and arrogant of Rock Heroes to say he hopes they are ‘aiming higher’ What a prick. It’s all rhubarb anyway, as a man more eloquent than I once said “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture’

  • Lui

    Considering the time Tool spend working and Maynards clever writing style, I don’t think a bad Tool album is possible.

    I’m definitely getting their new album as soon as it’s released