Warm Up With Mineo!

Mineo may be clowning around, but their music is for real.


Mineo may be clowning around, but their music is for real.

As of September 21st, summer is officially over. Who cares if it’s getting darker earlier and that the blistering cold is right around the corner? Not me. I have Mineo to keep me in summer mode all year round.

 A Floridan band, Mineo obviously knows what summer is all about. One listen of their new album devoted to their tropical home state, Beach Season, will leave you with a taste of salt water in your mouth and your ears ringing with delight. Each track has a very unique and timeless sound, (I couldn’t tell if I was listening to something from 2011 or 1971). One in particular that jumps out to me is track two, called Feel The Sun. The beat from the beginning has a very vintage feel, as does lead singer Mike’s warming voice (no pun intended). In December when I’m freezing my a** off, this will no doubt warm me up.

If you ever need a pick me up, this album is no doubt a mood booster and destresser as well. With sounds of jazz, pop, soul and folk, what can’t this album do? Well unfortunately it can’t buy you a plane ticket to the beach, but this album comes damn close. Even if you have never been, Beach Season will have you feeling the sand between your toes, courtesy of Mineo.

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