Download: Kanye West (feat. Dwele) – ‘Flashing Lights’

Kanye West
“My album is the pinnacle of what music is at the time. It’s clearly the best album that you can buy. People understand I brand quality music.”
-Kanye West

I’m not to sure about the “best album you can buy” bit, but Graduation is definitely his best effort and one of the most solid records of the year. I’ve been spinning Graduation on repeat since I received the CD yesterday, it’s such a leap forward for Kanye.Although the album was meant as a “revolution” in the hip-hop industry, I think “evolution” would be a better term. “Flashing Lights” does just that, [tag]Kanye West[/tag] pushing his sound forward even further, teaming up with R&B rising star Dwele, for a track with inconceivable grandeur and blade runner posturing. I’ve got to admit that when it comes to the radest beats and top notch samples, Kanye is at top of his game, few can rival his production skills, you can come to the same conclusion by just listening to the intro of Flashing Lights. From the start subtle violin samples, 10bpm warming kickdrum and staccato synthesizers hit you with a wall of beats.


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