– another iamamiwhoami

iamamiwhoamitLast month I tried to decrypt the meaning of the whole iamamiwhoami viral campaign that’s been circulating all over youtube since the beginning of the year. With not luck, of course, because you either have to be suffering from OCD of the highest level or you need to have way too much time on your hand. Judging from my desk and low posting rates on ZME, I don’t seem to cross with any of the above options. All I can do at this point is further participate in this mind fuck fest by sharing another clip in the series, this time titled Yeah, dust off your decoder rings!

Actually, this latest video is actually the most weirdest and most disturbing yet. A black tar covered woman loosing it in the mist of a wintery forest scenery comes across a rabid black as the night canine – they soon start to bark at each other. Fascinating! Oh, and the end of the video there’s a vector shaped lama.

Seriously, although I’m totally fed up with all of this, I feel the need to give credit to the producers. People are actually trying to find out what’s going on and it’s been spreading virally on the web like wild fire, so I guess their goals have been met. It now remains to be seen whether the final product is at least as interesting as its marketing.

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