Dutch TV owns! Anthony and The Johnsons play ‘One Dove’ for Paul de Leeuw

Anthony and his band have been performing on TV all over for the past few months. Hard to name a few shows that didn’t have them as guests, and here we are publishing a story on them performing the exquisite “One Dove” live on Dutch national television, on Paul de Leeuw‘s show. Who’s a total nutcase, by the way!

Check out the performance bellow and skip or not (if you’re dutch isn’t quite as rusty as mine) through the first 2 and a half minutes.

Speaking of Paul de Leeuw, it seems he’s quite a big personality in the Netherlands, with a TV career spanning for well over 20 years. Anyway, I browsed through a few YouTube videos of his shows and completly laughed my ass off! Of course, I didn’t understand a word out of his babblings, but the dude sure knows how to party. I’ve attached another video, right bellow Anthony’s, featuring Paul and a person suffering of Down Syndrome. The both rode a pony driven carrige.  This is Amsterdam!

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