A collection of Bond theme song covers

James Bond

James Bond

Currently, the hippest name out at the box office today, is none other then the new James Bond flick, Quantum of Solace. I got the chance to see the movie last week at the mall with some friends and it rocked our socks off. A bit too much gore and less charm from Daniel Craig (he only shagged just one woman after all..), but an awesome film, nonetheless.

Anyway, I just stumble across a cool little blog called Fong Songs, that posts bond theme songs covered by various artists, every day.

Here’s a few awesome Bond cover songs – check out the rest down at Fong Songs.

Flat Foot – You Know My Name (Chris Cornell cover)

Uwe Kröger – Tomorrow Never Dies (Sheryl Crow cover)

Mister Bond – Die Another Day (Madonna cover)

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