Serj Tankian working on musical

Oh well… I wouldn’t have imagined this could actually be happening but… impossible is nothing, right? So, according to, SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman Serj Tankian is collaborating with playwright Steven Sater on a musical called “Prometheus Bound”.

How come a (or at least what should be a) heavy metal titan is doing a musical based on a Greek tragedy? Beats me. But, according to the same source, he has already finished eight songs for the show. Add a few more and you could make an album.

The Tony Award-winning Sater, who worked with musician Duncan Sheik on the Broadway hit “Spring Awakening”, said about the new show,

“It’s got this amazing ancient Greek verse thing going on with this cool electronic hyperspace rock. It’s unlike anything you’ve heard.”

Yeah, and there’s a reason I haven’t heard anything like this. Ya know?

The playwright also added that he thinks this collaboration could bring musicals to a whole new level by attracting a whole different crowd than what you usually see at this sort of event. That could be a good thing, but I really doubt a “metal play” will please anybody; probably both the play fans and the metal fans will be disappointed.

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